Friday, April 8, 2011

M.A.K.A...happy moment..;-)

                           has been a long time since last update.. ;-)
well,before this i already tell u all that about the first two i will tell u about my third award ceremony..I felt so happy when my parent said that they will come to this ceremony. I barely can asleep that nite becoz to excited to meet them..I miss them so much.. <3 u mak ayah..

The ceremony went well..They said I'm the happiest person that day becoz I on the stage 
for 4 time.hehehe..
1.Silver award
2.Best course (communication in english)
3. Best course (management info. system)
4.Watikah Perlantikan MPP

After i received my silver award, I went to meet n give the award to my parent. I cried when 
they congrats n hug me.this is for them.

They are so happy with me..I satisfied to see their smile..;-)
After my parent went home to Melaka, me n fren continue our photo shot session.hehehe.. 
here are some picture of us..we called it purplish.. ;-)
charlies angles.. ;-)

purplish team.. <3 it

sweet us..;-)

my new sweethearts in mpp..;p

anggun kn kami..hehehe
Hehe..thats all for know.quiet busy with my assignment right now..kinda tired.Allah please give me
strength to face all this.. Amin.. =.= 

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