Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet Memories Semester 4.. ;)

         Alhamdulilah..semlm secara rasmi nyer tamat la sem 4 saya n kwn2...hurm..sem ni sem yg byk sgt kengan..sweet n sad too.. ;-)
mock meeting, trip g masCargo, manifesto MPP, 
undi MPP, perlantikan MPP, presentation Business Plan yg sgt GEMPAK,
assignment yg melambak terutam promodel, DESARU TIME 
and sume kenangan yg kecik2..
happy sgt2 sem neh.. semua aktivti ni 
make me know who my friends 
and who my enemies.. =.=

me, zah n syue become sloser..
<3 <3 <3
we won the first prize.. ;-)

me n atiey become more closer since we
became an MPP.. <3

hahaha..all these memories will remain in my heart..
always be..<3
MPP organize farewell dinner n success sgt..;p

hehe..all this make me more confident and happy in my college..;-)

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