Friday, October 14, 2011

Dinner Kami ^_6

Purplish is me.. ^_^
For our Farewell Dinner, I decided to wear PURPLE ..
I always love purple since I know what Color is..hehe
I only wear long, nice and simple "JUBAH"
kinda Islamic but i just like it..because it show who I really are.. ^_6

My roommates also wear Purplish dress.. =)
everyone look very pretty and handsome that night..
Those who always been a simple person also try hard to look nice..hehe
see..I told ya..everyone look pretty right?? ^-^
This dinner is once again organized by MPP..
As one of them I already know the flow of the event..
So..I think u all know how bored the dinner for me because 
I already know everything.. =.="
but it still a nice event.. =)
me n liza (kecik) ;p
me n "adik beradik senget" hehe
me n my MPP family (some of them only)

That's all for this time..will continue later..daa~~


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